Friday, August 21, 2015


Laurel started 6 grade this year at a brand new school. She's trying out for volleyball and seems to like her teachers. Hopefully she'll make new friends soon.

Brant started fourth grade this year. He likes his teacher and we'll switch teachers everyday for science and math. Brant is so easy going.

Laney finally started kindergarten. She couldn't wait for the day to come. When mom asked her how her first day went, she replied, "It was kind of boring." Mom thinks she expected kindergarten to be one continuous birthday party. Knowing Laney she'll still find a way to have fun.

Todd celebrated back to school by going on a field trip with Bowen to the butterfly garden. He loved playing in the water and looking at the flowers. The gift shop was a big hit.

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Blogful said...

We've still never been to the butterfly garden. Looks fun! Your kids are growing up so well. What a great mom you are!