Friday, May 22, 2015


Todd doesn't love to get in the car, but he really loves to go for walks in the stroller, even in the house. Laney's friends don't seem to mind pushing him all around the house in the baby-doll stroller. He can climb in all by himself, occasionally getting his meaty leg stuck under a bar.  As of yet, he hasn't mastered getting out on his own, so he just yells until someone comes to rescue him. Then the process repeats.

In other Todd news, he almost always awakens in a cheerful, playful mood.  Mornings are generally his best time of the day.

He still loves his daddy and has learned how to say dada.  This week, as Brad tried to leave to play basketball one night, Todd had a meltdown.  He wanted nothing to do with the woman who nutures him daily, and would only stop his fits when passed into the arms of the provider.  Brad was blissful!  This is quite possibly the only time a Cupit child has refused the tender touch of his mother in favor of Dad.  Todd is full of firsts for this family.

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Blogful said...

Such a cute entry. "His meaty leg" ha ha! And the store of Dad love. Too cute! -Cari