Friday, May 1, 2015


Central Florida had gorgeous weather today!  Mid-70s and gentle breeze.  Laney attended her kindergarten tour and breakfast this morning.  She's been looking forward to this event for weeks, maybe a month.  She really enjoyed seeing the music room, the art room, a kindergarten classroom, and the media center.  The librarian mentioned that once the kindergarteners learn their sight words, they can start reading Accelerated Reader books and earn points.  Laney knows all about AR points from watching Laurel and Brant.  Laney is very excited to practice those sight words so we can get started on her own AR points.

Here are a few shots of our tour and Laney with the class of 2028!

This afternoon, the trouble started with a phone call from the elementary school reporting that Laurel fell on the playground and needed a parent there before the staff could move her anywhere.  To a mom's ears this equals PANIC.  Mom was about 45 minutes away.  Thank goodness Brad was working at the local office today and could make it to the elementary school in minutes.  He wasn't really concerned until he saw some staff members standing outside waiting for him to wave him through the car line. In the end, it seems Laurel had fallen off a high bar on the playground and landed on her back.  She lost her breath for a few seconds, injured her back and her head. Tonight though, after a heating pad and advil, she's sleeping well.  We'll take it day by day.

Maren attended a School Advisory Council meeting tonight.  These meetings allow a parent to get more inside information and perspective about the goings on at school.  It's also a great way to develop a relationship with some of the staff.  Some parents are requesting that the gifted students should switch to a different environment, where they would attend gifted classes all day every day.  Is that the best decision?

Upon arriving home, Maren found the garage door broken.  It seems a spring has broken and it has to be replaced.  How fortunate that both cars are NOT in the garage!

Brant went on a field trip to Sea World today, too and Brad took a trip down to the temple.  Quite an eventful day!


Blogful said...

Busy family! Hope things are going well with Laurel and that she recovers completely and quickly. That's scary!
My kids attend "enrichment" all day only one day a week with other kids from there grade. (I think they combined K&1). Seems like it's working really well that way...

Cathi said...

Ainsly is in all day gifted and loves it. It's a smaller class and the entire class can move at a faster pace and go into more depth in things. Dawson is in pull out gifted and is always complaining that he missed this or that in his regular class and has to make up the work he misses. For us, self-contained gifted is awesome!