Friday, May 22, 2015


Todd doesn't love to get in the car, but he really loves to go for walks in the stroller, even in the house. Laney's friends don't seem to mind pushing him all around the house in the baby-doll stroller. He can climb in all by himself, occasionally getting his meaty leg stuck under a bar.  As of yet, he hasn't mastered getting out on his own, so he just yells until someone comes to rescue him. Then the process repeats.

In other Todd news, he almost always awakens in a cheerful, playful mood.  Mornings are generally his best time of the day.

He still loves his daddy and has learned how to say dada.  This week, as Brad tried to leave to play basketball one night, Todd had a meltdown.  He wanted nothing to do with the woman who nutures him daily, and would only stop his fits when passed into the arms of the provider.  Brad was blissful!  This is quite possibly the only time a Cupit child has refused the tender touch of his mother in favor of Dad.  Todd is full of firsts for this family.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Mother's day is hard on dads when the mom stays up way too late the night before.  Brad had to wait for Maren to fall asleep before he could put out her presents.  And then, he had to take care of Todd on Sunday morning.  He handled it like the champ that he is.  He also gave me a gift that will last much longer than flowers and chocolate. ..a clean driveway. He spent hours and hours turning our driveway and sidewalks into a white sand beach!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I used to have ribs at my best friend's house as a kid quite often.  They were so yummy! Obviously, her dad never schooled me on his tricks of gril mastery.  I definitively blackened two full racks of ribs tonight. I'm not sure if I should swear off cooking them ever again and leave the ribs to Sonny's, or vow to become a grill master and make them again monthly. I really really love ribs.

In better news, I hung a new shower head in the kids bath today with total ease.  It is such a thrill that the kids begged to take showers after swimming in the pool.  Focus on the positives, right?


Saturdays can be fun and tough at the the Cupits. Mom and Dad try for at least one family activity each weekend, which the children love. They also try to get chores down every other weekend, which the children DON'T love.  Recent fun activities include visiting a local petting zoo, swimming in the pool and having playdates.  Recent chores include cleaning the bathrooms and steam mopping the kitchen floor.  It's funny that the kids spend more time crying and whining about the tasks than actually working. This is most certainly a new habit of the latest generation. In the eighties, children were happy to do anything their parents asked of them and never once complained about work.


Laney can't wait for the kids to come home each day and is especially excited to begin kindergarten each day.  She gets bored on days when she doesn't go to pre-k.  Last week we ventured to a park to join some friends.  She was thrilled! The weather was cool and slightly breezy. Such a treat.


Scouts haven't decided if he's a pocket passer or DT.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Central Florida had gorgeous weather today!  Mid-70s and gentle breeze.  Laney attended her kindergarten tour and breakfast this morning.  She's been looking forward to this event for weeks, maybe a month.  She really enjoyed seeing the music room, the art room, a kindergarten classroom, and the media center.  The librarian mentioned that once the kindergarteners learn their sight words, they can start reading Accelerated Reader books and earn points.  Laney knows all about AR points from watching Laurel and Brant.  Laney is very excited to practice those sight words so we can get started on her own AR points.

Here are a few shots of our tour and Laney with the class of 2028!

This afternoon, the trouble started with a phone call from the elementary school reporting that Laurel fell on the playground and needed a parent there before the staff could move her anywhere.  To a mom's ears this equals PANIC.  Mom was about 45 minutes away.  Thank goodness Brad was working at the local office today and could make it to the elementary school in minutes.  He wasn't really concerned until he saw some staff members standing outside waiting for him to wave him through the car line. In the end, it seems Laurel had fallen off a high bar on the playground and landed on her back.  She lost her breath for a few seconds, injured her back and her head. Tonight though, after a heating pad and advil, she's sleeping well.  We'll take it day by day.

Maren attended a School Advisory Council meeting tonight.  These meetings allow a parent to get more inside information and perspective about the goings on at school.  It's also a great way to develop a relationship with some of the staff.  Some parents are requesting that the gifted students should switch to a different environment, where they would attend gifted classes all day every day.  Is that the best decision?

Upon arriving home, Maren found the garage door broken.  It seems a spring has broken and it has to be replaced.  How fortunate that both cars are NOT in the garage!

Brant went on a field trip to Sea World today, too and Brad took a trip down to the temple.  Quite an eventful day!