Sunday, April 19, 2015


Easter morning 2015 was a new experience with Todd around.  Food allergies including dairy, egg, and peanut butter required special consideration from the Easter Bunny. We asked for non-chocolate candy at our address.  A few Reese's eggs made it through to Maren's stash, but they have been stored safely out of reach of the candy grabbers!

Brad prepares barricades the night before to prevent the kids from searching the loot before our photographer is camera ready.  Here they wait while Dad grabs Todd and finally gives the go-ahead.

And they're off...

The bunny's going to have to work a little harder next year to create a challenge for Laurel.  
Mr. T caught on to the game right away.
This is the look we see many times a day, to which we command, "Todd, spit it out.  Spit it out, Todd."  You never know what saliva-coated prize will end up in the palm of your, marble, bouncy ball, jelly bean.  The jelly beans have to be pried out with intense effort, so usually he gets a pass with those.  
The whole bunch of us ended up outside by 7:30a.m. with bubble wands and LOUD voices.  Sorry neighbors!

Brad HATES to see the kids outside without shoes on.  So, for those of you worried about his tender littel toesies, he was back in the house in minutes getting shod. Is that the right word?
One final pic to send you on your way.  The 11th annual Cupit family easter bunny photo (well, not the official one, but the REAL one.)

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