Sunday, April 19, 2015


The Chronicle has been long out of circulation. It's time for a rebirth.  The Cupit Family happenings are always fun and worthy of recording for laughs now and memories later.  To catch up, the Cupits live in a wonderful home in suburban Orlando.  Baby Todd joined the crew in December 2013.  Brad usually works from home 3 days a week.  Lately, he's been working at home full-time as Momma had a neck injury resulting in disk replacement surgery.

We've been blessed with lots of love and first-class care from Nurse Sandy while Papa K makes sure the kids get where they need to be.  Papa K is also in charge of our little trouble-maker, Todd.  His latest mishap involved the toilet, the remote control for Brant's toy helicopter and Late Night's favorite game- SINK or FLOAT!

Todd has forced the Cupit handyman to reverse the locks on the bathroom and bedroom doors to keep the little stinker out of the toilet.  In the last week, he's figured out how to climb up the blanket chests to climb onto the couch and reach the kitchen counter.  His prize- the cell phones lined up on the counter, supposedly out of reach of little fingers.

Laurel is finishing up her elementary career.  Sob, sigh, sob again!  She plays hours and hours outside after school.  She loves activity days at church and playing with friends or on the computer.  She loves the beach and attends a weekly guitar club class before school.  She loves cooking and is a huge help to mom, especially on the weekends when she cooks breakfast for the family.

Brant is in 3rd grade.  He loves comic book heroes, Harry Potter, and playing outside.  He doesn't love sports but still wants to hang out while the other kids are playing.  Brant loves science and reports he wants to be a dentist, a doctor, or a brain surgeon when he grows up.  He really enjoys scouting and this year started working on his Bear.

Laney can't get to Kindergarten fast enough.  Mom registered her recently.  The tour and welcome breakfast is coming up in about 2 weeks.  Pictures promised!  She also will be screened for placement.  Laney used to be a great reader but lost interest in Mommy school.  Now, she reports that some of her friends in pre-k can read and has decided that once again she's ready to try.  She loves to try math flash cards and anything else that makes her feel like a big kid.  In the meantime, she wants as many playdates as possible.  She is especially social, very well-adjusted, and can hold her own in the neighborhood when playing with the older kids.  In the last month, she surprised her Papa G by running 6 times around the block showing no sign of exhaustion.  She loves to run.  In races on the beach, Laurel knows that Dad shouldn't make the course too long.  "If it's too long, Laney will win." She swims like a fish, and with summertime around the corner, she'll be taking most of her baths in the pool!

The next posts will have pictures.  So happy to be back writing the Chronicle!

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Blogful said...

Yay! Happy to be following and learning more about the Cupits. You guys are the BEST! So sorry about your surgery. Hope you're feeling better soon!