Monday, July 18, 2011


The summer is half-way over and thus far the time has been well spent in typical southern fashion...beach and pool. Brant is finishing his swimming lessons this week and his progress is tremendous. Laurel and Laney start next week and soon the house will be full of little fishes. Recently Aunt Joan invited the Cupits for a day trip to the beach and she took some fantastic pics.
Laurel has lost her two front teeth now. Her mother makes her wear this big floppy hat for every extended outdoor activity. She may be in psychotherapy but at least she'll stay out of the dermatologist's chair.
Laney is dying to catch a wave like her big sis. Next trip to the beach she might get the chance!
Brant likes his new boogie board, but spends most of time in the shallow waves. However, Brant definitely wins the prize for "Best Cupit Tan". His sisters are going to be quite jealous in a few years.
Brad's been putting in extra long hours lately. Saturdays are precious family time. He'll be cultivating his scouting skills in the next few weeks, so the family will have to miss a few days of wrestles and help on video games.
Maren has good days and tough days in the summer. The dinner hour is usually when the stress level reaches it's peak. Thank goodness for a pool a few steps away from the backdoor. It's such a great way to stop the whining and let loose.
These two LOVE pool time. Laney does, too. In fact, Laney says "Boo" (translation: Pool) as soon as she wakes up in the morning. Brant's getting more exercise than ever; the pool is the most effective way to tear him away from Star Wars Legos video game. Laurel is working on a handstand in the water and forward and backward rolls.


Margo said...

Oh summer! Tell Laurel that every child in Australia wears hats just like that, even at school! Mandatory at school during terms 1 & 4 : ) She can pretend she's Aussie.

Meredith said...

Love the picture of Laney on the board! Also, Laurel's hat is great. She'll thank you for it when she has the skin of a 20 year old at middle age :)

Kathy said...

sounds fun! Maybe next summer we will come visit yall (we get free flights next June) where exactly are yall (email me)