Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is the fifth attempt at posting an update. The staff keeps getting distracted!

The family recently returned from a get-a-way to Louisiana. The big kids were there for almost 3 weeks. Maren, Brad, and Laney had a week's vacation. The excursion included a stop off in Baton Rouge for a catch up with a few friends and visit to the old ward. The warm welcome made Brad particularly happy.

Maren and Brad also had a stop off in Gainesville to see Heather and Jimmy for a brief visit. It's so great to keep up with dear friends.

Back in New Orleans, the parents had a 30 hour date in the French Quarter that got off to a rough start. For a week prior to the get away, Maren had been disappointed in Brad's comments about his less-than-excited attitude. "It smells like pee, Maren." Upon arrival, it was Maren who couldn't shake the let-down. Her dreams of romantic and picturesque scenery were spoiled by the stench of stale trash and visions of early drunkenness. Within about 2 hours, they saw someone peeing in public, a man passed out and sprawled accross the sidewalk, pot holes dotting the roads filled with lime green mystery liquid, the typical sexual stuff on Bourbon St., and a giant rat trying to cross the path in front of them. Brad's dinner meal was fantastic, but Maren was pretty disappointed in hers. Brad split his filet down the middle and Maren handed over one of her rock lobster tails, so Maren left halfway satisfied. After a stop-in at a yogurt bar, they headed back the beautiful Chateau Bourbon, and relaxed for the night. Well, first Brad had to remove a bug from Maren's hair, but then finally, they relaxed.

Day 2 was fantastic. In fact, it couldn't have been any better for Maren. They slept in, went to Cafe Du Monde for beignets for breakfast, rode the trolley car down St. Charles to see the Garden District, had muffleattas for lunch at Central Grocery (thanks for the tip Stacy), rode the Steamboat Natchez up and down the Mississippi and then had dinner at Muriel's in Jackson Square with Steve and Tammy...and baby Lyndsey!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The shop manager suggested a picture of a real life Michelin baby would be a cute shot.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Laurel's 7th birthday celebration was held at a chocolate factory here in town. The Cupit family has spent a bit of time at this shop lately doing everything from date night to family night. What a great place!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Laurel's first salon haircut!

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