Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just in case any reader thinks that the Chronicle doesn't feature the master of the house often enough, here's a bunch of pics of Miss Sass from the past few months. To note, her latest achievements include maintaining 97th percentile for height and weight at the 18 month appointment. She certainly is a big girl, but her size is miniscule relative to her strength. The girl has super-human strength making it hard to change her diaper or buckle her into the car seat when she's not in a cooperating mood!

She loves to read 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. She calls every animal, be it a bunny, kitty, doggy, duck, or bird, a "du-kgee". She still protests to drinking water, but seems to be slightly (ever so slightly) less persistent than her big sister in her tantrums. Laney's tantrums are a new beast to the family though, exhibiting antics like hair-pulling, face-slapping, and the occasional head-banging. These punishments are all self-inflicted, and she can halt them in a second if she sees a "du-kgee!"

Laney is an excellent sleeper and most comfortable when she maintains her schedule. Summer could prove interesting as the family's daily routine becomes less structured. In the last few days she has started calling her blanket "Bubby", and she won't sleep without it. She loves Laurel and Brant almost as much as Daddy, but truly, she is a Momma's girl. This makes separation at the YMCA and at the church nursery nearly impossible. One of the only ways she can handle it is if she has her brother with her. In church, she seems to be happy when the nursery leaders are feeding her, singing with her, or blowing bubbles. All of those activities are interspersed with bellowing screams of torture.

Laney loves the "Itsy Bitsy Spider Song" and moving her fingers up the spout. She likes "If You're Happy and You Know It" as well. She has a giggle and smile that melt the defenses of the whole family. While she is still pretty far behind with verbal speech, she has eyes and facial expressions that can communicate quite well.

Finally, Laney is walking, running, and climbing just about everywhere. While Maren hasn't spent quite as much time as usual at the gym, Laney puts her through a good workout every day.
She loves video games. She may have even figured out that pushing buttons on the controller does something on the screen.
Annual passes to the Science Museum will make this summer's heat slightly more bearable. Laney loves the Curious George exhibit.
Laney loved having G.G. and Papa here. She had oodles of attention and ate it all up!

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