Sunday, February 20, 2011


Maren decided it would be good to post the pictures of the January family trip to the Magic Kingdom before they head off for the next Disney adventure tomorrow.

The Magic Kingdom was plenty crowded MLK weekend, but the perfect weather combined with Disney crowd control made for a pleasurable experience. A few photo highlights are included below. Bear in mind the camera lens was filthy, hence the foggy pics.

Laney was completely mesmerized by It's a Small World. Despite numerous attempts to get her to look at the camera, she wouldn't take her eyes off of the dancing dolls.

The group separated for the Teacups. Laurel and Mommy were in the fast cup. Brad, Brant and Laney opted to go slower.

Brant was chosen to be on stage with Jack Sparrow and his apprentice. He learned how to fight like a pirate and took home a certificate to prove his accomplishment.

The last ride of the day. Images are deceiving. Brad did not like the rockets. Not one little bit.

Hopefully, the family will fare well tomorrow. Nap time in the stroller for Laney is the hardest obstacle. The weather promises to be beautiful and the crowds will be heavy undoubtedly. At least this time, we'll come armed with granola bars and water bottles.

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Margo said...

I love that Brant liked the CHeetos best. I know, wrong post : ) Hope you have fun tomorrow. Today. Whenever you go.