Sunday, February 13, 2011


Why is the term birthday instead of birthweek? Brant's activities spanned a few days. One of the cool events was pure coincidence, but awesome for a 5-year-old none-the-less.

Wednesday, he celebrated at school with a special crown, Star Wars cupcakes, and a visit from Mom and Laney. Wednesday night, Brant chose Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday dinner. Thursday night, the family had dinner with some of Daddy's old friends from high school and college. One benefit to living in the greater Orlando metropolitan area is plenty of visitors and family friendly entertainment. The group ate at Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney. Diners eat amongst life-size rainforest animals and experience periodic thunderstorms. Afterwards all the kiddos danced in the "street" of Downtown Disney. The Ghiradelli shop handed out free chocolate samples, so everyone had dessert.

Brant's real "party" was Saturday. He invited two pals to the Science Center. With the discount offered that day and some extra birthday money, the Cupits bought annual passes to the 4 story learning and activity museum. The crowds were manageable even on the first day of the Curious George Exhibit. The a/c will be a nice escape in the sweltering summer months. Brant's favorite exhibit was the 3-D flight simulator. Laurel loved the stationary train. Finally the birthday week is over. Brant's a little sad. At least he has a pair of nerf guns to keep him busy until next year!


Stacy Hutchinson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRANT!!! I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately, mostly b/c I know it's two of your birthdays. Happy early birthday, Maren! We'll be having Ian's party at Chuck E. Cheeses just like you did last year-right after school. Hopefully we'll have the place to ourselves like you did. So, he's still into Star Wars, huh? (I remember the Stormtrooper cake from last year;) Anyway, we love you guys. Take care!

Elizabeth said...

Aunt Cis and Unc Lance have a card for him! Birthday surprises not quite over! =)

E J said...

Does this mean you get a birthday week too Maren?