Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Laurel's lunch is paid for from her account. She gives the lunch lady her number and it gets deducted from her balance. When the balance is low, it is automatically reloaded from Mom's credit card. Laurel buys her lunch no more than twice a week and it costs $2.25. So why did the account get reloaded twice in one month? Mom and Dad thought maybe someone else was using her number. Maybe Laurel was buying lunch on days when she had a sack lunch and left it in her backpack.

Finally, she came home with a long stripe of chocolate down her sweater and onto her shorts. "Laurel, what happened to your shirt?"
"Oh, I spilled my ice cream."
"Where did you get ice cream?"
"From the case in the lunch line...the lunch lady said I can take one and give her my number."

AH HA! This is where the money is disappearing to! Without telling the parents, the lunch personnel allow the kids to buy treats with their lunch. Surely, this has been going on for years (maybe even decades), but how is a Mom to know, especially if her child is not accident-prone. Laurel is clear now on what she is and is not to spend money on, but this is one case in which Jamie Oliver may be on point. Do 1st graders really have a right to buy treats at lunch, in addition to their planned meal? And out of curiosity, what about free and reduced lunch kids? Do they get to spend their personal extra funds on treats? Seems a little wrong.