Thursday, November 11, 2010


Do you remember being sad because the cool kid wouldn't trade you your cookie for his cake? Maybe you didn't get to sit on the playground tires with the popular girl.

Well, time doesn't change much.

Yesterday afternoon, Laurel got off the bus, climbed into the car, and within about 30 seconds her bottom lip started quivering. Within the minute, she was can't-understand-a-word-she's-saying sobbing. Mom figured out something happened on the bus. Turns out, a girl in her class that she rides the bus with said she wasn't going to be Laurel's friend. Who knows what prompted the girl to make the declaration... Laurel adamantly defended herself. "I didn't do anything!"

Fast forward to this morning. Laurel and Mom got ready fast enough to walk to the bus stop instead of the usual drive. On our way there, the mom of Laurel's non-friend pulled up next to the walkers, rolled down her window, and beckoned them over. She just wanted to invite Laurel over for cake and ice cream on Sunday night to celebrate the non-friend's birthday. (Just Laurel by the way; this was not a big party.) Mom agreed happily.

This afternoon, Laurel got off the bus practically hand-in-hand with her non-friend. :)


Lauren said...

I'm glad Laurel didn't have to suffer for long. :) The drama's just going to get worse! We are NOT looking forward to it here either.

Margo said...

I don't have to think back too far : ) Glad they are friends now.

E J said...

I think I paid my 1st grade "best" friend 10 cents to be my friend again after she got mad at me.