Friday, November 5, 2010


The great experiment has begun. Brad is now working at Chronicle headquarters. In order to cut overhead, his employer will not be renewing the lease on his floor. Brad will stay in this new physical location indefinitely unless a client wants him on sight. So far, the experiment is going well. Brad's able to see Laney a little bit throughout the day, the family is saving on gas and tolls, and he doesn't lose an hour a day in commute time.

There is a side experiment running concurrently in the household. Laney has been adjusting to the "Child Development Center" at the YMCA. In fact, as of today, she is officially adjusted. This is a HUGE accomplishment. Prior to this week, she would scream as soon as Mom was out of sight. So under the advice of the Y staff, Laney and family have come every single weekday at the same time to help her adjust. Sometimes, Maren would do nothing but come and sit in the room and let her play. After five consecutive days of practice, Laney can now make almost a full hour of play time without Mama! It's a glorious day! The next step is to try a different Y, and see if she can handle the transition.

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museumeg said...

That's a great day when your little ones will go happily into Y childcare. That means mommy can exercise in peace. :)