Thursday, October 21, 2010


The family is taking advantage of every beautiful October Saturday in Florida. Brad has not taken up a new side job as a swimsuit model (despite heaps of fan mail suggesting he take up the hobby). It just so happens that here in Florida, October is a perfectly good time to be in the water, and Maren is usually the one holding the camera!

So last weekend, the adventure took the Cupits to DeLeon Springs and the Old Sugar Mill. Cissy and Lance joined the fun. This was a nostalgic visit for best friends who came to this state park together almost 20 years ago. The waitress brought out pitchers of batter to be cooked on the in-layed griddles. Following breakfast, the kids were brave enough to hop in the 72 degree spring fed water. Brant, Laurel, Brad and Lance also went paddle-boating. Look for more photos to come later.

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