Thursday, October 21, 2010


Brant's parent/teacher conference took place Wednesday night. Brad had to watch the kids so that Maren could attend without interruption. The kids were trying to agree on a tv show; Laurel and Brad suggested Hannah Montana. Brant, trying to find the most effective argument in objection said solemnly, "I don't think Laurel should watch that show because that's where she gets her sassiness from." Ohhhh, he is oh-so-right!

Another secret was exposed at the conference. Brant has mentioned a special reward he gets at school for various good behavior. He puts his hand on his head, and the teacher comes around and gives the kids a "smelly". What is a smelly, you ask? Scented chapstick! The teacher keeps a drawer full of different flavors. One child's job each week is to be the smelly-picker! They get to pick the smell for the whole class. Brilliant!

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Margo said...

Do they share the chapstick? Or just smell it. I'm hoping they just smell it, but that would make m hungry.