Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Laney May sailed right through her first birthday. Of course, the real fun will come on Saturday. But Daddy suggested that today be a day filled with special attention for the youngest Cupit.

Laney had lots of laughs and giggles today, a special lunch with Aunt Cissy, a million kisses, pizza for dinner, cookies for dessert, and the favorite after-dinner swim. The most special treat was a surprise early arrival by Dad. His boss was too kind to coordinate the deadline celebration with Laney's birthday. What a great day!

Laney's one year statistics won't be available for a few weeks. Mom just today made the appointment for her well-visit...oops.

A report on her personality is available now. So many of you have noticed her striking physical resemblance to her brother. Her nature, in contrast, is remarkably like that of her sister.

She is by no means a snuggler.
She needs to be constantly aware of her surroundings.
She likes to be heard - loud and often.
She's really not a cry-baby, though. She's tougher than most two-year olds. She can take a shove or wrestle from a big kid like a champ and just bounce right back up. The loud noises that she makes come at random times, like during a casual stroll through the grocery store, or in the car when the big kids are trying to have a conversation.
She loves balls.
She also seems particular to the boys in our family. Brant is unquestionably her favorite friend and she lites up like a torch when Daddy comes home.
Unfortunately for Mom, she doesn't like to stay long in the child care center at the Y. Fingers are crossed that this is a phase.
She loves to bounce to music.
She's a stomach sleeper.
She only makes a few sounds so far. ba, da, ma, puh.
She NEEDS sleep. (A trait shared by every female in the household).
She likes to be held upside down.
She does NOT like to have her diaper changed.
She's a fantastic eater (hard to tell, huh?)
She loves the water...pool, bath, sink, toilet.


Margo said...

I lover her big happy smile, but I can't help but feel a little sad because if Laney is now one, then C is not a baby anymore!

Meredith said...

Man, she is so cute! In the second picture, she's totally Maren and in the others it seems like she looks more like Brad. Both good things - enjoy the toddling! Let the explorations begin :)