Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Cupits have been at it. October is the month to try to squeeze in as much as possible and still come out with enough energy to survive the "real" holidays. Here's a few of the recent goings-on. Pictures to follow of Brant's special day at the petting farm.

Laney playing at a local park after a picnic lunch with Cissy.

Laurel and Lia at the Maze (see below.) Lia's holding a flag that you wave if you get lost. They didn't have to use it.

The Corn Maze. Six acres of fun...or not exactly if you're pushing a stroller through the dirt.

Hannah Montana dress rehearsal.

Kitty Kuteness.

Daddy's Pirate Masterpiece that didn't survive the Florida heat and humidity for more than 2 days.

Hannah and Billy Ray

The whole family at a Halloween Party.

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E J said...

Love the mullet Brad!