Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Cupits have been at it. October is the month to try to squeeze in as much as possible and still come out with enough energy to survive the "real" holidays. Here's a few of the recent goings-on. Pictures to follow of Brant's special day at the petting farm.

Laney playing at a local park after a picnic lunch with Cissy.

Laurel and Lia at the Maze (see below.) Lia's holding a flag that you wave if you get lost. They didn't have to use it.

The Corn Maze. Six acres of fun...or not exactly if you're pushing a stroller through the dirt.

Hannah Montana dress rehearsal.

Kitty Kuteness.

Daddy's Pirate Masterpiece that didn't survive the Florida heat and humidity for more than 2 days.

Hannah and Billy Ray

The whole family at a Halloween Party.

Friday, October 22, 2010


The promised extra photos...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Easiest family night ever.


In anticipation of her upcoming teacher workday holiday, Laurel brainstormed a list of possible activities. Manicure, haircut, ice cream, movie, YMCA, and more.

Time didn't allow for all of it, but she got to watch a Tinkerbell movie that she picked out at the grocery store, had lunch at Steak 'n Shake, and went swimming at the YMCA. In the evening, she picked the family night treat- italian ice from the little shop close to the house. She had a good day!


Brant's parent/teacher conference took place Wednesday night. Brad had to watch the kids so that Maren could attend without interruption. The kids were trying to agree on a tv show; Laurel and Brad suggested Hannah Montana. Brant, trying to find the most effective argument in objection said solemnly, "I don't think Laurel should watch that show because that's where she gets her sassiness from." Ohhhh, he is oh-so-right!

Another secret was exposed at the conference. Brant has mentioned a special reward he gets at school for various good behavior. He puts his hand on his head, and the teacher comes around and gives the kids a "smelly". What is a smelly, you ask? Scented chapstick! The teacher keeps a drawer full of different flavors. One child's job each week is to be the smelly-picker! They get to pick the smell for the whole class. Brilliant!


The family is taking advantage of every beautiful October Saturday in Florida. Brad has not taken up a new side job as a swimsuit model (despite heaps of fan mail suggesting he take up the hobby). It just so happens that here in Florida, October is a perfectly good time to be in the water, and Maren is usually the one holding the camera!

So last weekend, the adventure took the Cupits to DeLeon Springs and the Old Sugar Mill. Cissy and Lance joined the fun. This was a nostalgic visit for best friends who came to this state park together almost 20 years ago. The waitress brought out pitchers of batter to be cooked on the in-layed griddles. Following breakfast, the kids were brave enough to hop in the 72 degree spring fed water. Brant, Laurel, Brad and Lance also went paddle-boating. Look for more photos to come later.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's undecided whether or not this trait will stick around, but the family is definitely trying to keep it. Brant has become a neat-lover (freak is such a harsh term.)

The first evidence came one morning this weekend. Maren was ready to go out the door and called for Brant to come. He stalled a little bit, but not for the usual no good reasons. He responded that he had "to finish cleaning the playroom." Say what??? The parents hadn't even hinted that this needed to be done. The only plausible explanation is that there are now extra toy storage shelves and bins in the room, and most toys have a home. Maybe Brant's year in Montessori has molded him to appreciate a little bit of order. HIP, HIP, HOORAY!

The story continues...

This morning, Mother heard Son huff in frustration. "What's wrong, Brant?" With a little coaxing, he explained, "I just cleaned this place up and now there's a big mess." He pointed to the pile of clean clothes waiting to be folded on the carpet next to the drier. To ease his mind, Mother promised to have the mess put away before he got home from school. Hmmm, role reversal??? (And you can bet she was scurrying around before it was time to go get him!)

This evening, Mother helped older daughter do her homework until Father came home for dinner. At one point, she leaned back to sneak a peak and check on Brant in the living room. "Whatcha doin'?" "Cleaning up the living room, but Laney keeps messing things up!"

Oh please oh please oh please let this new side of Brant stay!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Laney's party was free of contention. She shared the celebration with lots of friends, food, and fun.

Enjoy a few shots of the special day...

Check out Laney's divided shirt~half gator, half tiger cheerleader!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Laney May sailed right through her first birthday. Of course, the real fun will come on Saturday. But Daddy suggested that today be a day filled with special attention for the youngest Cupit.

Laney had lots of laughs and giggles today, a special lunch with Aunt Cissy, a million kisses, pizza for dinner, cookies for dessert, and the favorite after-dinner swim. The most special treat was a surprise early arrival by Dad. His boss was too kind to coordinate the deadline celebration with Laney's birthday. What a great day!

Laney's one year statistics won't be available for a few weeks. Mom just today made the appointment for her well-visit...oops.

A report on her personality is available now. So many of you have noticed her striking physical resemblance to her brother. Her nature, in contrast, is remarkably like that of her sister.

She is by no means a snuggler.
She needs to be constantly aware of her surroundings.
She likes to be heard - loud and often.
She's really not a cry-baby, though. She's tougher than most two-year olds. She can take a shove or wrestle from a big kid like a champ and just bounce right back up. The loud noises that she makes come at random times, like during a casual stroll through the grocery store, or in the car when the big kids are trying to have a conversation.
She loves balls.
She also seems particular to the boys in our family. Brant is unquestionably her favorite friend and she lites up like a torch when Daddy comes home.
Unfortunately for Mom, she doesn't like to stay long in the child care center at the Y. Fingers are crossed that this is a phase.
She loves to bounce to music.
She's a stomach sleeper.
She only makes a few sounds so far. ba, da, ma, puh.
She NEEDS sleep. (A trait shared by every female in the household).
She likes to be held upside down.
She does NOT like to have her diaper changed.
She's a fantastic eater (hard to tell, huh?)
She loves the water...pool, bath, sink, toilet.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The older kids have been in school for a few weeks now and things are getting done....s-l-o-w-l-y. Did you know that to get a new driver's license in Florida now you have to have a certified copy of your birth certificate? That means it's going to take awhile before the Cupits buy the Florida resident annual passes to any theme parks.

Maren has made it a goal to get one room put together a day. So far, the family has a nice bathroom, kids' room, and kitchen...a few other rooms are coming along.

Special note on Brant: His new school and teacher are wonderful. He got a note home from school this week touting his remarkable patience during playground time while waiting for his turn on the bikes. Way to go Brant!!!