Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Chronicle's long-time absence, perhaps the longest on record, can be adequately explained by the latest family adventure. The Cupit family has moved to Florida.

Before the move, the summer included plenty of fun activities sans documentation. With 3 children at home all day everyday, Maren has a greater appreciation for home-schoolers. For the record, the Cupit family will never be home-schooled.

Brad spent a few of his "vacation days" after leaving his prior job fixing up the house. He got the kids involved when possible.
Laney achieved a few milestones this summer. She does her best to keep up with big sister and brother by taking about 10 steps at a time. She climbs everywhere and had quite the time on the stairs in the new townhouse until Daddy pooped on the party and installed two fancy-pants baby-gates. She's up to six teeth now and can eat like a pro. She's not very choosy as long as the quantity is plentiful. Make no mistake, Miss Laney gets her point across when something's not going her way. She is full of personality and curiosity.
Laurel is enjoying first grade and seems to be making the transition pretty easily. The biggest change for her is riding the bus. Today was only her second day riding it and there was a substitute driver. She said it was "a little scary." But, tomorrow is field trip day and she's happy.
Brant will hopefully be enrolled in PreK by Monday. Along with a move comes mounds of paperwork to be completed before you can do anything.

There is absolutely, positively no way Maren would have maintained any piece of sanity without the generous help of her mom. Mimi flew down to Baton Rouge to help Maren pack, prep the house (which went under contract in a little over a week!), manage the kiddos and live without a husband for a week. She then accompanied Maren and the kids in the van on the 13 hour drive to Florida while Brad and his dad drove the Uhaul. All of the grandparents have been a huge support.

When the family arrived in the new home-sweet-home the a/c was broken and a few other things were out of sorts, but now almost everything is working well. There are still boxes in every room...nothing like a move to prove you have way too much stuff. Maybe by Laney's birthday the home will be presentable, maybe.

So far, there are two favorite things about the new home.
1. Publix...where shopping truly is a pleasure.
2. "Night Swims"~ that's what Brant calls the evening pool playtime with Brad after work. The community pool is practically in the backyard!

Be on the lookout for more favorites as time goes on.


Margo said...

So glad to have an update! Neighborhood pools are amazing and might be what I miss the most about MD. Watch out, if you move too much you start adding more "necessities" to your "where we can live" list.

Cathi said...

Glad to hear you're doing great, although we miss you already!

Katie Klingler Tackett said...

Glad to hear the move went smoothly... and I hear you about home-schooling! How do people do that?!

Tamar and Trevor said...

We LOVE our neighborhood pool! It save my kids lives this summer (my kids will never be homeschooled either!) Glad you are in Orlando. We will be there for a conference in three years so stay put! :)

E J said...

Ahhhh - Publix! Love that store. Glad to hear that you are "settled". Sad it's not NC - but Orlando is a whole lot closer than LA!