Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday morning was supposed to be a big family outing to DeLeon Springs, complete with breakfast at the Old Sugar Mill and swimming in the springs. Unfortunately, Papa bear did something to his neck and an hour drive followed by kids hanging on his back in the water did not sound like the right medicine.

Aunt Cissy was to accompany us and agreed when Momma offered an alternative. Since the kids had been counting down the days till we went to breakfast at a restaurant, we went to a yummy place in town and then went to Aunt Cissy's house. Brant knew that the pinball machine would be waiting for him at her house, but had no idea that this gigantic machine of awesomeness would be waiting in the backyard:
Uncle Lance showed both kids how to operate it and Brant even got to drive it forward. He looked right at home on it. He learned how to lift the loader fast by pushing on the gas. Maybe Brant will have a career in construction one day.


Happy said...

Oh my GOSH, that would be my little Dallin's dream come true!!! Seriously, I don't think he would ever recover from the awesomeness of that. Can we come up for a visit??
I'm glad you're back to blogging! And welcome back to FL!

Elizabeth said...

"Loads" of fun!!! I'm so glad you guys are here!