Thursday, June 17, 2010


Amazingly, Laney is already eight months old! She is so fun, a great eater, has recently become a better sleeper (in reality this is an achievement of her parents, not Laney), and she loves her siblings.

During the last week, she's been practicing her sleep skills which involves quite a few tears and plenty of yelling. One night, after a brief bout of crying, Mom and Dad heard belly laughing coming from her room. Looking down the hall, we saw the door open and the light on. the saying goes, "You get 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count." BRANT!!! Brant was found in Laney's room playing giggle games with her! After an initial frustrated reaction, the family made the best of it and whipped out the camcorder. A baby's laugh can make you smile no matter what the situation.


Lauren Danos Manuel said...

OMG! how adorable!!! :)
happy birthday laney you are such a big girl...and brant, noah does it the same!!! :) hehehee

Kathy said...

when I first saw this post i though ok why is she posting a baby picture of Laurel? LOL she is so cute

museumeg said...

Isn't it funny how older siblings like to make the little ones laugh. I'm always catching Josh in Jane's room making her laugh or cry depending on how badly she wants to go back to sleep. Sometimes I just let them play so I can get more sleep. But I guess that doesn't work when it's bed time. :) Oh well. You have beautiful children!