Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's a bit crazy having three children at home all day long. Maybe crazy isn't the right word...

The Cupits have lots of plans. If the gang can make it to 50% of the things marked on the calendar, the summer should be quite fun.

The school year ended with a slew of photo-worthy activities. Of course, there was Laurel's award ceremony, Water Day, and the class play, "Land of Many Colors".

Maren's favorite picture may not make sense to the audience. To the left is Laurel spontaneously "breaking it down" during water activities. She must have heard the music in her head.

Below are posted a selected bunch of the events. Laney always tags along, so we've included a few of her as well.

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Margo said...

Do they wear uniforms? So cute. I am excited about uniforms in Au. I think I'd like that spunky Laurel!