Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's a bit crazy having three children at home all day long. Maybe crazy isn't the right word...

The Cupits have lots of plans. If the gang can make it to 50% of the things marked on the calendar, the summer should be quite fun.

The school year ended with a slew of photo-worthy activities. Of course, there was Laurel's award ceremony, Water Day, and the class play, "Land of Many Colors".

Maren's favorite picture may not make sense to the audience. To the left is Laurel spontaneously "breaking it down" during water activities. She must have heard the music in her head.

Below are posted a selected bunch of the events. Laney always tags along, so we've included a few of her as well.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Laurel made the honor roll for the last nine weeks! This is her first appearance and she is deservedly proud. Maren will gleefully attend the awards program and may be the only parent to rise and give a standing ovation when Laurel walks across the stage to get her mass-produced certificate.

Laurel's special hearing equipment hasn't worked more than 50% of the time this year, so she's achieved this accomplishment without hearing clear instruction from her teachers. Maren has since stepped up her advocacy role and had a promising meeting with the principal. All fingers are crossed that first grade is better for Laurel. The teachers may be annoyed if a mother is at the school every day checking to make sure they are all meeting the requirements of her IEP.

In more bragging news, Laurel scored the highest in her class on her standardized reading test. The testing material is a mystery, so I can't say how she scored so high, but I am thrilled! The teacher said congratulations are in order to the parents for working with her, "unless she is just a genius." She is a genius and a hard worker! WE ARE SO PROUD!

Monday, May 10, 2010


While the Chronicle has no photos to document the sporting event, we can report that both children had extra helpings of dinner, Laurel ate a helping of applesauce afterward (a first), and both will undoubtedly have no trouble sleeping tonight. Mom calls that a home run!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This was to be the weekend of fun and crawfish at the Cupit estate. It was fun and the family did have crawfish...eventually.

In typical Saturday morning fashion, Brad and Laurel and Brant were engaged in horseplay. It lasted quite a while. Brad was in the process of telling Laurel to get herself ready for the day when she came running into what she assumed were his outstretched arms waiting to whisk her up like a princess. In reality, his outreach was shooing her into her room to get out of her pajamas. At least, this is how those involved remember the scenario. What they know for sure is that Laurel jumped up and knocked her head into Brad's open mouth. The hit was hard enough to move his tooth out of position. Her head is fine. The slight abrasion is hidden at her hair line. Brad, on the other hand, spent a good portion of the day with an emergency dentist. He'll find out tomorrow the real prognosis, but for now, the tooth is back in position and wirebound to his other teeth.

Luckily, everyone was still able to eat at the family crawfish boil. It became more of an early dinner rather than a lunch, but it was still a lot of fun. Brant and Laurel loved playing with the live mudbugs, and they even ate a few!

You can tell who the braver sibling is. Laurel loved to pick them up and play with them. Brant would only touch the ones without pinchers. The rest he preferred to see from an arm's length.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


If you peruse through past posts, you'll notice that recently Laurel has started posing for the camera. She may have started doing this awhile ago, but now it's so glaringly obvious that Maren has started to get nervous. Check out Laurel's latest photos and understand, the only thing her mother said was, "Let me take your picture, Laurel." She decided to stand sideways and set her shoulders back like that! She hasn't even turned 6 yet! And yes, she is wearing make-up because she was going to her dance dress rehearsal.

These bottom two pictures are self-portraits...a favorite activity of Laurel.

One more thing: Laurel is getting a new tooth. She hasn't lost her baby teeth yet, but a new one is popping up behind her bottom tooth.