Saturday, April 24, 2010


She's trying to sit up. She smiles all the time. She's sleeping for 8-9 hour stretches (finally)! She's eating sweet potatoes, butternut squash, rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, pears, green beans, and on very rare occasion, peas. Carrots and peaches seem to cause a skin reaction, so Maren has other plans for the carrot and peach purees in the freezer. Laurel, beware. Your food may soon have hidden nutritional value!

At her 6 month appointment, Laney weighed 20 lbs, 9 oz. and measured 26 inches long. Her height dropped into the 50th percentile perhaps because she was about to have a growth spurt. Developmentally, she's rolling around everywhere. Her mommy will sometimes find her in her crib on her tummy. It's possible she's becoming a stomach sleeper. She makes the cutest shrill cooing noises and has been heard saying mamama about 5 times. She is the first of the Cupit children to say it before dada. She seems to love the sound of her own voice. As the third child, Laney's lot in her baby life is to spend a bit of time riding in the car transporting the other two children. When Laurel and Brant get in the car, not only does Laney light up, she joins the conversation. As Mom pumps the kids for information on the school day's goings on, Laney begins "talking" loudly. Laurel gets pretty frustrated about this, because it's quite difficult to think while Laney is communicating, much less talk.

For the most part, she sticks to a pretty consistent schedule. Wake up around 7, nap about 10-12, nap again about 2-3, and again a cat nap around 5 before finally crashing for the night close to 8pm. She's easy to please with some toys and a little playtime. Brant is especially good at making her laugh. She loves to play in the bathtub.

Roughly estimated, about 75% of the people who comment on her looks think she looks like Brant. The rest swear she looks just like Laurel. To her mom, she looks like Laney. One thing's for sure, Laney is loved.


Lauren Danos Manuel said...

many blessings and more to come! happy 6 months lainey. we love you! lauren, ike, noah, and skylar

Margo said...

Oh my goodness, her eyes! What do you mean FINALLY?? I'm still waiting. Actually, I've given up.

museumeg said...

She really is a cherub with those chubby cheeks an smile with dimples! What a cutie! And I think she looks a lot like you! Except you don't have chubby cheeks! :)