Saturday, March 20, 2010


The life of this 5 month old is pretty simple these days- sleep, eat, bounce, diaper change, eat, sleep some more. The plan varies when she has to ride in the van for carpool or errands, and she more than occasionally has play time with Mommy. She often wears ruddy cheeks tastefully accessorized by a sweet, dimpled smile. Her attempts at being irresistible are far from futile.

At mealtime, she has conquered rice cereal with breastmilk (pumping is a dreaded chore, but a necessary one now that Laney seems to have inherited Daddy's milk allergy). She also gobbles up her sweet potatoes. This morning she tasted avocados and try as she might, couldn't capture the enthusiasm Mommy was hoping for. In fact, they triggered a gag reflex...yuck.

Laney tried out the swing at the park this week. Mommy was hoping she'd enjoy it as much as the bouncer, but Laney seemed pretty indifferent about the experience. On the other hand, the bouncer is a favorite (of Laney's and the rest of the family). She will stay in it for LONG periods of time. For example, Laney woke up for good a little after 6 a.m. one morning this week, and Mommy was far from ready for the day to begin. So after a feeding, into the bouncer she went, and Maren fell asleep on the couch. One hour later, Maren woke up and Laney was still bouncing! Another day this week, Laney was in the bouncer while Maren was cooking dinner and Laney fell asleep while bouncing. She startled at a loud sound and then bounced herself right back to sleep a few seconds later!

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museumeg said...

That's so funny that she fell asleep while bouncing! Those bouncers are the best! What a cutie!