Friday, March 5, 2010


It occured to me that I forgot to mention something else that happens as I pick Brant and Laurel up in the carpool line at school. Keep in mind that Brant is in PK3, this is 2 years under kindergarten. As he's getting in the van, TONS of other big kids say "Hi Brant!" And sometimes, Brant will lean out of the van and yell to a couple of kids that may not have seen him, "Hi [insert name]" How does this little 4-year-old know all these big kids? Sometimes he'll report to me about conversations he has with the big kids in the bathroom. It's all clean, innocent, and funny stuff, by the way, nothing bad...but still, since when do four-year-olds socialize with big kids?! I think Brant is already "cooler" than I was or ever will be.


Brad Cupit said...

I think he's already socially smarter than me

hkobeal said...

I loved reading your last couple posts, Maren.

Loved your idea that maybe by the time Laurel goes off to college, you'll have figured her out. I'm hoping for that same outcome with my kids!

Loved knowing that Brant knows the word "bling" and that he socializes with all the big kids. So cute!