Friday, March 5, 2010


I remember back in the day at swim practice that if I could just make it to the last one of a set of laps, I had it made. No interval to make, no stress about getting enough rest. I could swim it as hard or as easy as I wanted with no consequence. Now this same philosophy applies to Fridays at our house. Once the kids are put to sleep on Thursday night, I feel like the weekend has officially begun. Everything is easier on Fridays. The best part is that the kids can watch t.v. or movies when they come home, so I have my own electronic babysitter. Brad can come home as late as he needs to because I'm under little or no stress. In fact, I've scrapped my previous dinner plans because we have enough leftovers and canned food to make everyone happy tonight. Bed times are relaxed, and many times, we'll even skip baths for the kids :). It's a night for unwinding and I've come to cherish it.

In other news, Brant asked me this week what "bling" is. He didn't remember where he heard it, but I'm guessing school. Brant remembers almost everything he hears. This week, his class has been learning about insects and he has been telling me all about caterpillars and "crystals" and butterflies. He's now about 48 lbs. and at least 3'7" (it's hard to get him to stand properly when measuring). Brant gets a lot of notes home about "being all over the place" at school. Apparently, he has trouble sitting still and keeping his mouth shut. But, he's rarely defiant and I still don't think he has a malicious bone in him, so I try to let school issues stay at school. His note home yesterday said, "Hard worker today!" and boy was he proud! It's precious how much children want to please their parents. He flashed his dimple-studded grin all the way home.

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Jessica said...

I think Ethan might be a bit like Brant, in more ways then one :)
Oh, and I love Fridays, relaxed.