Friday, March 5, 2010


This is how Brad found Laurel last night during his check-on-the-kids-before-going-to-sleep routine. She's 100% asleep here. This picture well-represents the intensity of Laurel. She sleeps hard, plays hard, works hard, cries hard; you get the idea. She has no hint of mediocrity in her personality. She's either laughing, screaming, crying, and it feels like she's been this way since birth. This morning, for instance, Laurel was complaining about some article of clothing "bothering her". This happens EVERY morning. Maren is working on ways to deal with this, but that's a post unto itself. She shed lots of tears in frustration as she tried to get herself ready for school. Putting it mildly, it wasn't a sunshiney morning UNTIL...Laurel ate some waffles, put on her jacket and book sack, walked outside and shouted at the top of her lungs, "GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!" Is this more evidence that her mood is highly affected by hunger? Once she had some food in her tummy, she was sweet, rational, and easy. Obviously, next week, a few changes are being made to the morning routine, including: Breakfast first! Maybe by the time Laurel goes off to college, Maren will have figured out how to raise her.


Whitney J. Marsden said...

Hi Maren, I love this post. The picture is just perfect. I do have to tell you something though... it runs in the family!! I remember (fondly) the way you slept as a kid... all over the place!! And such dramatic movements! Thanks for the fun memories! I assume you grew out of your childhood sleeping habits... unless Brad has an elbow or knee shaped bruise or two! ;) xo

Lauren said...

I love that picture. It looks like she fell asleep getting back into bed. :)