Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Brant turned 4 this week. The celebrations spanned two days and included a classroom mini-party and a Chuck E. Cheese bash. He was so excited about everything that as he climbed out of the van in the carpool line, he told the teacher helper, "I'm four years old today!" In his classroom, Brant was handed an earth statue and made four laps around the sun (the kids sitting in a circle on the floor). After the fourth revolution he received his birthday spankings with a floppy ruler from his teacher. He also wore a star hat all day long with a ribbon stuck to his shirt letting the entire school know about his special day.

The next day at Chuck E. Cheese he had a Storm Trooper cake, a special celebration from the big mouse, friends and family, and too many tokens. What a great party with an added mess for Mom to clean up!


Margo said...

Happy Birthday Brant! I love the walking around the sun thing, they are always SO serious in Thomas' class.

Jessica said...

Very cool birthday celebrations. I love Jeni's cake she made for you! And I love CEC...hope you will join us Friday for more of the Mouse.