Sunday, January 24, 2010


Brant took a long nap today. As a result, he has a very difficult time falling asleep.

So far his reasons for coming out of his room tonight include:

"My fingernails are long. We really need to cut them."

"Can you make cookies with red icing for Valentine's Day?"

"Can I give my teddy bear a name?" Dad says, "What do you want to name it?" Brant: "Fruit Salad."


Tamar and Trevor said...

Emma use to do that ALL the time. My favorite excuse she used was "I forgot how to sleep!"

AmyB said...

"are all the doors and windows locked?" "I am going to pee in my bed" those are our most frequently used lately! I used to tell my parents that they needed to turn on the AC bc I couldn't breathe! I give them all an A for effort!

museumeg said...

ha ha ha! Thanks I needed that laugh! Now tell Fruit Salad to go to bed. :)