Friday, January 15, 2010


As the weather improved, the park beckoned. For a nice after school treat, Maren took the kids to City Park on the way home from school, hoping to help them burn some energy and sleep better. The good idea turned sour as Brant ran towards his mom, tripped on the edge of the concrete slab and threw his forehead into the corner of the picnic table bench.

Within seconds, Maren ripped off her nursing cover and tied it around Brant's forehead. She called Brad and said, "Brant split his head open; we have to go to the hospital." After the whole ordeal was over, Brad offered that perhaps next time she shouldn't use those words. She admits she panicked just a little bit. The family battled the traffic and headed to the ER later realizing that the urgent care center probably would have been just fine. Brant screamed out of fear rather than pain for almost the entire ride.

The ER staff was super fast. They had Brant in a room very quickly where he stayed on a bed gripping his green sucker solidly but hardly interested in eating it. After the physician's assistant washed off the wound, the M.D. came in and told us about skin glue. In the next few minutes, Brant's forehead was superglued together, Mom paid the copay and the family was homeward bound. So Brant has bad luck with picnic tables. This is what it's like raising a boy!


Lauren said...

Ouch! Poor Brant! That gash looks painful! I'm glad he's okay. I would have panicked too. Boys definitely have more troubles than girls (at least it's been that way in my house).

By the way, I have a nursing cover identical to yours that I'm not using anymore. If yours is stained and you need it, let me know.

museumeg said...

Poor guy! And poor you! It's SO scary when our kids get hurt! I can't believe they can glue wounds together now. That's crazy.

Jessica said...

Yes, I'd suggest keeping him as far as possible from picnic tables.
Hope he heals quickly.

Lexi said...

I would have been pretty scared too. Poor little buddy! Looks like it gave Mom more of a scare than it did him; look at that smile! I hope he heals up soon!