Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The shots were heartbreaking. Thankfully one of the immunizations is now administered orally, so she only had to endure three big needles pumped into her juicy thighs! Laney is a trooper though and after a little Tylenol, she's doing as well as can be expected.

Drum roll please...Laney's two month stats:
14 lbs, 2 oz. - 97th percentile...but I had just fed her a few ounces in the waiting room so wouldn't it be fair to just say 14lbs?? :)

Her length is 24 inches - 90th percentile.

Her head circumference is in the 95th percentile, and as Dr. J said..."she's got plenty of brains in there!"


Lexi said...

Wow! Chloe is only 13 lbs and a couple ounces. Poor girl lost weight last time I went so I've been trying to breast feed her every two minutes and spoon feed her tons of rice cereal! Laney is adorable! I want to squeeze those legs! :-0

Meredith said...

What a darling girl! I love those cheeks -