Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Maren volunteered in Laurel's classroom for an hour today. At the end of her visit, the class tasted some star fruit that the family brought back from Aunt Joan's tree. All of the kids tried a little piece first and then, if they liked it, could have more. To Maren's astonishment, Laurel loved it! Now there is another natural food item to add to Laurel's list of "likes". Too bad these are not readily available at the produce market!


Lexi said...

How do you eat it? I've always wanted to try it too! Don't you love it when you make good food discoveries?!

museumeg said...

It's pretty yummy! My Josh loves it. The first time he tried it he downed a ton of it. Hooray for fruit that kids will eat!

Lauren said...

Cassidy loves it too!