Monday, December 7, 2009


The crew survived the 13 hour ride home. Thank goodness the Baton Rouge snowfall happened on Friday and not Saturday night. As it was, the family left a rather balmy Orlando in the morning to arrive in 35 degree weather at the end of the day.

A week prior, the Cupits stopped in Gainesville to spend some time with Maren's old college friend Lyndsay. Laurel and Brant had their first experience with Rock Band, and Laurel was quite a natural. For those who wondered, this is proof that she is her father's daughter.

Church was rather uneventful except for Brant's declaration that he didn't like this church because it was "hard." Everyone laughed at the comment, but no one knows exactly what he meant.

Sunday night, Aunt Joan and Uncle Bill welcomed the children with presents and hugs and kisses. Laurel and Brant couldn't wait to pet the cats. With a little coercion, the kids finally went to sleep in preparation for the big day at Animal Kingdom!

Aunt Joan arranged for special treatment at the Festival of the Lion King. The cast member directed us to our priority front row seats, Laurel and Brant got to be part of the show, and then for a super duper special treat, we were escorted out after the show to have a private meet and greet with the cast. It's all about who you know! The whole family loved this part, but especially Brad!

Tuesday was a beach day. The kids and Brad played on the sand and in the water for a few hours. Even in December, the weather permtted plenty of sunshine and fun!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were wedding festivities and preparation for Maren and Aunt Cissy. Brad used some time to take the kids swimming at a neighbor's indoor pool and then to the Orlando Science Center. Laurel did come with the girls for her first manicure. She picked her own color-hot pink with glitter!

The tripped finished with a gorgeous, fun-filled night at Cis's wedding. Plenty of other children made the event fun for everyone. Brad received numerous compliments on his skills for handling all 3 children so well by himself. He says the compliments are evidence of the open bar! But really, he did do a marvelous job and has scored pages of brownie points.


Lauren said...

What a fun trip! I bet your kids had a blast at the Lion King thing. So cool that you got to do all the extras! Congrats to your friend Cissy.

Lauren Danos Manuel said...

Oh Cupit family, what an amazing time and wonderful memories made! I am soo glad that the kids were well behaved to EARN Brad those points (hehehee!!!)

museumeg said...

How fun! I've heard Animal Kingdom is amazing! Congrats to Cissy! You all look wonderful!

Jessica said...

Their wedding attire is lovely! And what a fun trip.

Meredith said...

love, love, love Laurel's dress at the wedding! glad you had such a fun trip!

Brad Cupit said...

just for posterity's sake, Brant's exact comment at church (with a scowl on his face) was: "This church is not my favorite because it's too hard." It was so funny!

I think he thought it was hard because I was correcting him so much.