Friday, December 25, 2009


The Cupits had a great morning!

Friday, December 18, 2009


as promised, here is this year's Santa Photo:


Brag warning:

Brant picked up a DVD case a few minutes ago and sounded out "fun". He's been kind of doing things like this all week long, but I was a little hesitant to say he could read. Now I'm confident that he's got it. Mind you, this is in no way a reflection of good parenting skills. If anyone other than Brant deserves credit for his accomplishment, it could be his teacher at school. Brant never tells me what they do at school so it's likely they've been working on word-building. I am super proud of my little man who won't turn four for 2 more months!


Christmas is a challenge with three children. It's a fun challenge, but a challenge none-the-less. Maren did manage to make it to Laurel's gingerbread-house-making activity with her class, but as evidenced, did not put on any makeup. At least now she doesn't have to come up with a New Year's resolution. Wearing at least a little bit of makeup before going out into public seems like an obvious choice.

Since the house activity happened at school, that's one more thing that Mom doesn't have to stress about doing at home. The outdoor lights have yet to be hung, but the tree is done and a few indoor decorations are scattered through the house. The blog is the family's Christmas card this year, saving time and money - time seems to be the most desirable commodity of 2009. Both kids took homemade gingerbread cookies to their class, a feat that almost didn't happen. Maren kept thinking about the Little Debbie gingerbread cookies on the middle shelf of aisle 6 at Wal-Mart.

The annual cookie exchange was a wonderful, relatively low-stress event, thanks to the assistance of a local bakery. No, she didn't buy her cookies, but she did buy brunch! The ladies didn't seem to mind and everyone went home with some seriously addicting treats! By the way, the event wouldn't have been nearly as easy to pull-off if Brad hadn't been completely unselfish in helping get everything ready. He says he's in it for the cookies, but he still is a shoe-in for dad/husband of the year!

And finally, the kids did get their picture with Santa. Once the IT department gets the scanner working, the photo will be posted. It's a cute one this year. Laurel talked to Santa for quite a long time about what she wants. The newest addition to her list is a "make-up piano" kit. This is something she saw on a commercial on TV that Maren is totally CLUELESS about. Brant also talked to Santa. The first item on his wish list is a Nutcracker. For some reason, he loves the Nutcracker. He also wants the Mouse King "so they can fight." Brant's big present request this year is a bike. About two months ago he claimed he wanted a Spiderman bike and talked about it all the time. Then he switched to the Buzz and Woody bike. He firmly decided this was the bike for him, so Santa made arrangements for that bike. Wouldn't you know, he has switched back to Spiderman? Even with both Brad and Maren trying to brainwash him into the Toy Story bike, he still wants Spiderman. Santa, with the help of Papa K, had to do some extra work to make sure Brant is not disappointed Christmas morning. Santa has both bikes on hand in case Brant changes his mind at the last minute. However, if Brant goes crazy and says he wants Star Wars instead...he'll just have to get over it.

To top it off, Maren has been asked to speak in church this Sunday on Christmas. There are some huge blessings from this assignment. Most obviously, she gets to sit up on the stand for an entire meeting with no children! Secondly, and certainly more important, she is forced to stop the craziness, ponder, and rely on the Holy Ghost for peaceful inspiration relating to the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May all of our readers have such an opportunity this Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The shots were heartbreaking. Thankfully one of the immunizations is now administered orally, so she only had to endure three big needles pumped into her juicy thighs! Laney is a trooper though and after a little Tylenol, she's doing as well as can be expected.

Drum roll please...Laney's two month stats:
14 lbs, 2 oz. - 97th percentile...but I had just fed her a few ounces in the waiting room so wouldn't it be fair to just say 14lbs?? :)

Her length is 24 inches - 90th percentile.

Her head circumference is in the 95th percentile, and as Dr. J said..."she's got plenty of brains in there!"


Maren volunteered in Laurel's classroom for an hour today. At the end of her visit, the class tasted some star fruit that the family brought back from Aunt Joan's tree. All of the kids tried a little piece first and then, if they liked it, could have more. To Maren's astonishment, Laurel loved it! Now there is another natural food item to add to Laurel's list of "likes". Too bad these are not readily available at the produce market!

Monday, December 7, 2009


The crew survived the 13 hour ride home. Thank goodness the Baton Rouge snowfall happened on Friday and not Saturday night. As it was, the family left a rather balmy Orlando in the morning to arrive in 35 degree weather at the end of the day.

A week prior, the Cupits stopped in Gainesville to spend some time with Maren's old college friend Lyndsay. Laurel and Brant had their first experience with Rock Band, and Laurel was quite a natural. For those who wondered, this is proof that she is her father's daughter.

Church was rather uneventful except for Brant's declaration that he didn't like this church because it was "hard." Everyone laughed at the comment, but no one knows exactly what he meant.

Sunday night, Aunt Joan and Uncle Bill welcomed the children with presents and hugs and kisses. Laurel and Brant couldn't wait to pet the cats. With a little coercion, the kids finally went to sleep in preparation for the big day at Animal Kingdom!

Aunt Joan arranged for special treatment at the Festival of the Lion King. The cast member directed us to our priority front row seats, Laurel and Brant got to be part of the show, and then for a super duper special treat, we were escorted out after the show to have a private meet and greet with the cast. It's all about who you know! The whole family loved this part, but especially Brad!

Tuesday was a beach day. The kids and Brad played on the sand and in the water for a few hours. Even in December, the weather permtted plenty of sunshine and fun!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were wedding festivities and preparation for Maren and Aunt Cissy. Brad used some time to take the kids swimming at a neighbor's indoor pool and then to the Orlando Science Center. Laurel did come with the girls for her first manicure. She picked her own color-hot pink with glitter!

The tripped finished with a gorgeous, fun-filled night at Cis's wedding. Plenty of other children made the event fun for everyone. Brad received numerous compliments on his skills for handling all 3 children so well by himself. He says the compliments are evidence of the open bar! But really, he did do a marvelous job and has scored pages of brownie points.