Sunday, October 11, 2009


Some facts and mementos about Laney's first days:

1. She's a calm, sweet, sweet baby.
2. She has long fingers and toes.
3. Her umbilical cord was tied in two knots-something the doctors had never seen before.
4. She likes to sleep during the day and eat all night!
5. She falls asleep when eating.
6. She has brown hair and the beginning of a curl at the top of her forehead.
7. She has perfectly shaped ears.
8. Her sister and brother are so excited that she's here. They LOVE her and have to kiss her before they leave the house.
9. She has two nicknames so far: Zany Laney (Daddy's favorite) and Laney Bear (Mommy's favorite).
10. She does NOT like having a wet or dirty diaper.
11. She loves to suck. She calms down quickly with a pacifier or her fingers.
12. She loves to be held. (No complaints!)


Lexi said...

What a sweet baby! She is beautiful Maren. I hope she sleeps all night and plays all day for you soon! For now, enjoy that precious little bundle and kiss those sweet cherub cheeks.

Lauren said...

I love how you put up some things to remember. Zany Laney--how cute! And Poor you staying up all night--at least you can nap during the day while Laurel and Brant are at school! Congrats again!

museumeg said...

She's just beautiful! I love the sibling pictures!

Kathy said...

Congrats Maren & Brad!