Saturday, October 31, 2009


The decorations made it up 2 days before the holiday arrived. At least they came out of the boxes. The neighborhood celebration didn't disappoint this year. Darth Vader and Princess Leia enjoyed themselves and their company (Peter Pan and Wendy). The loot was plentiful though noticeably less chocolate than in years past - evidence of the recession perhaps? Alas, the children don't seem to care. Mommy admits that 3 kids is definitely, unquestionably, FOR SURE harder than 2. But perhaps a survival tool arrived today. Laney slept in the wrap for at least an hour tonight. Mom was hands free and loving every second of it. Later on, Laney was cranky during her "witching hour." Mom placed her in the wrap (after a few attempts to position it correctly) and voila!, she was out! Pardon punctuation and grammar, the editor is doing well just to post these days!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Jessica said...

Cute costumes! And all my friends swear by those wraps. I only had a sling and it didn't work as well.
Good luck figuring it all out!

Margo said...

darling! I LOVE my wrap and hope you love it too. I almost offered to send it to you, but I still use it : ) Not nearly as much, however.

Cathi said...

Okay, so what kind of wrap and where did you get it? I need something for Liam during his "witching hour". I just can't hold him and cook at the same time!

Lexi said...

They look great! Halloween was harried around here too. I almost thought we wouldn't make it to the Trick or treating part of the night because Peyton was so grumpy. I'm so jealous that the wrap works for you! True, I've only had a sling but Chloe and Peyton both didn't really love it.
I know that things will get a little easier with time- it's those first few months that are the hardest trying to figure out nap times and errands that are tricky (for me at least). You're doing great I'm sure!

AmyB said...

Ok that picture of Laney in the giraffe costume ALMOST makes me want another one. Maybe I could just borrow a newborn niece or nephew :) She is adorable!!