Friday, September 4, 2009


As the weekend kicks off, the Cupits are all smiles. Brant and Laurel are off to the grandparents. Maren and Brad are off to dinner before a productive and relaxing stress-free weekend. Laurel has been in the midst of some turmoil at school that wrapped up today in the carpool line. As her teacher put her in the van, she said, "Maybe she just needs some TLC?" Maren's immediate reaction was, "Ahhhhh, now I can handle that!" On an even better note, Laurel finished the week with a good behavior report from school and remembered everything she was supposed to! Relief!

Brant had a great day back to school today as well. He missed most of the week due to a stomach virus, but managed to be dropped off this morning with no tears! Laurel takes him to his class as Mom stands back to observe. It's a marvelous system. Brant was in such a good mood in the car after pick-up that he energetically reported about his new friend Juan. "I call him Won Ton Soup!" Maren smiled all the way home...


Lauren said...

Won-Ton soup! How funny. Glad to hear he's feeling better though, and that Laurel has a chance for some TLC.

And I must say, I'm jealous of your weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Too cute!!! I hope you guys have a nice weekend!