Saturday, September 26, 2009


Three-year olds are tons of fun to watch on a soccer field. Astute observers may notice something missing from the adorable pictures of Brant in his uniform. The ball is no where to be seen. He did a little bit of running, but still isn't agressive enough to squeeze into the pack and try to get a touch on the ball. He was chosen for the kickoff at one point, so he did get to kick it once.

After that, Brant was ready for the bench. Brant tends to shut down in hot, humid weather (just like his mommy), and this morning it was 80 degrees and probably 99% humidity. Yes, this is September in Louisiana. Supposedly, next week the cooler, drier temperatures should come rolling in. Maybe at that point, Brant will want to play a little longer. Until then, he prefers to be on the couch under the fan with his movies or some games.


museumeg said...

I love his sad face. That's the exact same face I make when it's hot and humid. Come up here and enjoy a crisp northeastern Fall.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

What a cutie. Ayden never went for the ball either. He thought it was fun just to run around and chase the other kids. Those games are so much fun to watch.

Lauren said...

Thanks for all the research and advice for Nate!

Lexi said...


That's Brant?

That can't be Brant- he looks like a boy now and not a toddler anymore!

Gosh, he's growing so fast Maren!

And Laurel looks so sweet playing her violin. I swear it was only two years ago that I came to visit you after you had her! Where is the time going?!

Seth & Courtney said...

Such cute pictures of Brant and Laurel's endeavors!

I'm so excited for your new arrival this week. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help. Love you guys!