Saturday, September 26, 2009


Three-year olds are tons of fun to watch on a soccer field. Astute observers may notice something missing from the adorable pictures of Brant in his uniform. The ball is no where to be seen. He did a little bit of running, but still isn't agressive enough to squeeze into the pack and try to get a touch on the ball. He was chosen for the kickoff at one point, so he did get to kick it once.

After that, Brant was ready for the bench. Brant tends to shut down in hot, humid weather (just like his mommy), and this morning it was 80 degrees and probably 99% humidity. Yes, this is September in Louisiana. Supposedly, next week the cooler, drier temperatures should come rolling in. Maybe at that point, Brant will want to play a little longer. Until then, he prefers to be on the couch under the fan with his movies or some games.


Laurel had her first public performance on the violin at the recent church talent show. She had a great performance, and most importantly showed no stage fright. She was awarded with some pink roses and big smiles. She played "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Laurel has been asked to return for a repeat performance at the church Christmas program. She has picked "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" for that show. Tickets will go fast. Don't miss this up and comer!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


For years, doctors and midwives have termed "nesting" the period of time just before a new baby arrives. Supposedly, the mother has a sudden burst of energy and feels the desire to clean and prepare everything in (and out) of sight.

However, the latest research conducted during the 3rd Cupit pregnancy finds that this "nesting" is in fact led by guilt and fear rather than bursts of energy. The sampling pool, small but accurate, reports a desire to prepare the house and other to-do items to an acceptable level. Maren says she just doesn't want to be embarrassed when people come to assist the family after the C-section. There is a lot to prepare. The husband in the sampling pool doesn't seem to feel the urgency (or perhaps refuses to acknowledge that chaos is in fact on its way in less than 2 weeks). Bags must be packed. Directions for the daily routine for the other children must be prepared, laundry must be up to date (ha!), bills must be scheduled to be paid, the house needs to be in order, if not deep cleaned, and finally the fridge (now clean, by the way) needs to be stocked. Never mind the pages-long list of house "projects" left unfinished and the Halloween decorations that will not see the light of night if they don't go up before the Cupits head to the hospital. And of course, those mothers that work outside of the home know that there are way too many incomplete tasks at the office to finish as the last day fast approaches.

Some may continue to call it nesting, but this research concludes that's just a euphemism created by women to explain their frenzied attempt to put life in order right before it turns to pandemonium.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Background: At the church children's class today, the lesson involved dressing up and acting out a story from the scriptures. Also, on Sundays at the Cupit house, t.v. is supposed to be limited to "church movies," or preferably no t.v. at all. Today the children wanted to watch the baby Jesus movie.

After lunch, a visitor came to the living room:

Friday, September 11, 2009


The Cupit baby will join the world no later than October 6, 2009. The doctor's office called today with only one time and date that fit both the doctor's schedule and the hospital's openings. So the date is set and surgery will begin at noon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Apparently two-vessel cords aren't always a growth problem. Maren had her weekly ultrasound and OB check-up today. The baby looks well and by the ultrasound measurements is up to 7lbs, 2oz. The nurse was supposed to call today with the official delivery date, but no call so far. The family is on the 4 week countdown. Each weekend until then will be spent resting and organizing. At this point all the Momma wants to do is sleep (oh....and eat!)

Friday, September 4, 2009


As the weekend kicks off, the Cupits are all smiles. Brant and Laurel are off to the grandparents. Maren and Brad are off to dinner before a productive and relaxing stress-free weekend. Laurel has been in the midst of some turmoil at school that wrapped up today in the carpool line. As her teacher put her in the van, she said, "Maybe she just needs some TLC?" Maren's immediate reaction was, "Ahhhhh, now I can handle that!" On an even better note, Laurel finished the week with a good behavior report from school and remembered everything she was supposed to! Relief!

Brant had a great day back to school today as well. He missed most of the week due to a stomach virus, but managed to be dropped off this morning with no tears! Laurel takes him to his class as Mom stands back to observe. It's a marvelous system. Brant was in such a good mood in the car after pick-up that he energetically reported about his new friend Juan. "I call him Won Ton Soup!" Maren smiled all the way home...