Friday, August 7, 2009


The Chronicle has borrowed this image from another blog, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to make an educated observation. Maren (forever a Gator) shared this picture with Brad (the in-house Tiger fan) for fun. Brad immediately commented that while Mr. Tebow looks pretty muscular in the photo, the observer should keep in mind that he is left-handed. The photo shows off his dominate arm. Most likely, his right arm looks more like Brad's.

Click on the photo for closer observation.

What is Dominique Franks of Oklahoma thinking now? Remember his comments last year?

"Going into a game and knowing a quarterback's going to throw the ball 40 times a game versus coming into a game and knowing he's probably only going to throw it about 15 or 20. ... It makes it a lot harder to prepare for those [Big 12] guys," Franks said.

The odds are pretty good that every defense in the nation hopes they don't have to prepare to meet Tebow and crew.


Ettafication said...

I'm sure you already saw this - do you know where they put this plaque? Is it at the stadium?

Ettafication said...
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