Monday, August 31, 2009


In response to his mom's question, "What will the baby look like, Brant?", he answered without pause, "It will have red hair and it's a boy."

Any other predictions out there?

Friday, August 28, 2009


Brant says, "Mom, come see..."

Mom says, "Cool, Brant, Did you do that all by yourself?"

Brant says, "Yes, I call it my dragon!"

Laurel says, "Oooo, a dragon!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The kids had a great time. Everything went pretty smooth until carpool line in the afternoon. Maren's working on solving the few glitches that happened, but the kids are happy and safe and apparently the cutest kids ever. Laurel is officially in Kindergarten and Brant is a preschooler with a lot to say!


Maren's been promising the kids a trip to the spash park all summer. It finally happened the day before they went back to school. Here's the proof:

Monday, August 10, 2009


Sunday morning, a large group of Brant's toys enjoyed their last playtime for a while. Then they rested on Maren's bedroom floor during the entire time the family was at church. Upon arriving home, Brant was told he had fifteen minutes to pick up his toys and throw them in a bin or they were going to be put away for a while in the closet. The fifteen minutes passed with several reminders and encouragement. Maren even gave specific directions on how to pick up a toy and put it in a bucket. The kitchen timer finally beeped. One lonely toy made it into the bucket. The rest were all gathered in a trash bag and stuck in the closet. Brant was so sad to watch his toys go on vacation. He cried for a long time. A few hours later, however, he seemed to forget about them completely. As he earns back his favorites over time, the family will most likely use the opportunity to truly get rid of the ones he's forgotten about.

Brant went down for a nap shortly after his crying episode, but only after Laurel offered to say a prayer for him. It was sweet and concluded with "Please help Brant to be a fast cleaner like me." Brant really liked it.

Maren feels like she made progress in this episode also. She stayed calm through the whole thing.

Brant and Laurel made huge strides at church today (at least during sacrament meeting). Brant left his goodie bag in the van, and Maren refused to let him go back and get it as the crew was already a couple minutes late. She found him a few play things in her church bag. It turns out fewer toys equals a calmer child.

In conclusion, Maren felt yesterday that she was progressing on the learning curve of parenthood. But in 2 short months, she has to jump to a whole new curve. As long as she doesn't move too far backward, she'll be happy.

Friday, August 7, 2009


The Chronicle has borrowed this image from another blog, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to make an educated observation. Maren (forever a Gator) shared this picture with Brad (the in-house Tiger fan) for fun. Brad immediately commented that while Mr. Tebow looks pretty muscular in the photo, the observer should keep in mind that he is left-handed. The photo shows off his dominate arm. Most likely, his right arm looks more like Brad's.

Click on the photo for closer observation.

What is Dominique Franks of Oklahoma thinking now? Remember his comments last year?

"Going into a game and knowing a quarterback's going to throw the ball 40 times a game versus coming into a game and knowing he's probably only going to throw it about 15 or 20. ... It makes it a lot harder to prepare for those [Big 12] guys," Franks said.

The odds are pretty good that every defense in the nation hopes they don't have to prepare to meet Tebow and crew.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


In about 9 short weeks, another baby will join the Cupit family. The baby has not been featured much while in the womb, so a progress report is in order. Some Chronicle readers may have already heard that this little baby has a 2 vessel cord, which is also called a single umbilical artery. Simply, this means the baby has one artery in the umbilical cord instead of two. So far, this complication has been harmless. Growth, the largest concern, is ahead of schedule. The doctors say the baby is on track to be the same healthy size as Laurel and Brant.

Maren and Brad are steadily trying to commit to names. The favorites so far are Chase for a boy and Laney or Anna for a girl. Middle names are a whole other challenge.

Just this weekend, Maren and Brad moved the beds of both older children into the same room. The nursery is a bit disheveled still, but soon things will all come together. Hopefully, "soon" will happen before Maren is off to the hospital to deliver the baby!