Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Cupit mom has had an interesting pregnancy with the family's third child. However, now that the third trimester has rolled in, she seems to be enjoying her days quite a bit more. She credits this largely to rediscovering two of her favorite experiences in life: Ben & Jerry's and swimming.

The first of the pair has been a rare occurrence in the Cupit house mostly due to Brad's milk allergy. Maren says she used to just always skip the ice cream isle at the grocery store. But now that the kids eat frozen waffles several mornings a week, she's in that isle frequently. And how can a mom resist a fantastic sale on Ben & Jerry's? Maren is currently hooked on Chocolate Macadamia. This discovery/potential addiction no doubt has contributed to a bit more weight gain than preferred, but if you can't indulge when you're pregnant, when can you?

The second new pleasure counterbalances the first. Since the kids have been taking swimming lessons this summer, Maren and Brad have both had the opportunity to swim laps while they're occupied. They've also extended this habit to family outings at the indoor pool, taking turns swimming laps and watching the kids. The indoor pool is the family favorite with fewer crowds, cleaner water, sunburn protection for the "fairest in the land," and a much cooler water temperature. Maren loves the self-esteem boost after swimming more laps than she thought she could. Swimming also has provided her with a few more side effects: less back pain, a happier mood, and just a little bit of a tan :).

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Lexi said...

My two favorites are Cherry Garcia and Mint Chocolate Cookie. Yum! They used to have a Banana's on the Rum (tasted like Banana's Foster) that they only had in their scoop shop. Troy and I were super bummed when they nixed that flavor {it was a limited edition).

I really need to relearn how to swim. I knew how to when I was Laurel's age (and lived in North Carolina where you actually had a need to get in the pool to stay cool but then we moved to Alaska when I was 7 and that was the end of that.) Our neighborhood now has two pools but with the baby, I usually end up watching Peyton and Troy hamming it up in the water. Maybe one of these days I'll get a chance to dip in too! :-)