Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ever since she saw another little girl with one a few weeks ago, Laurel has wanted something special from Santa Claus. Her parents figure if she still wants it after Halloween, she's serious.

Regardless, Laurel has come up with a new logical name for her gadget. She wants an "ear-pod." She says it shouldn't be called an ipod because "it doesn't go in your eye; it goes in your ear!" Her mom thinks she makes a good point.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The previous article should read, "New school welcomes Laurel and Brant." In a surprise turn of events, the Cupits received a letter on Friday congratulating Brant Cupit on admission to the Montessori Magnet program at the same spanking new campus as Laurel. Laurel will be enrolled in a different program, but both children will be at the same place!

School begins in two weeks, so the family has a bit of shopping to do to prepare for the event. Maren will most likely be doing this shopping on her own; Brad says just seeing commercials on t.v. for "Back to School" sales recalls nauseating feelings from his childhood. Apparently going back to school was not something he looked forward to.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The photo editor left her equipment at home, but imagine a beautiful new brick facility in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge. Now imagine little Laurel Cupit attending school here. Her mother received the surprise phone call on Monday morning that Laurel had been accepted to the new academic magnet program provided she pass the screening on Wednesday. Laurel has now completed and passed the screening and is officially registered. She'll start kindergarten here in about 3 weeks. This has been a long process. Laurel's parents have applied for her to go to several good schools over the last year, always resulting in rejection letters. Finally, the family opened a piece of mail that began, "Congratulations...." instead of "We regret to inform you..." The family has prayed for a good school for what seems like years. Prayers are sometimes answered at unexpected moments. Maren offers one bit of advice to parents in the Baton Rouge area seeking acceptance to a good school, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again (and again and again and again!)"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Cupit mom has had an interesting pregnancy with the family's third child. However, now that the third trimester has rolled in, she seems to be enjoying her days quite a bit more. She credits this largely to rediscovering two of her favorite experiences in life: Ben & Jerry's and swimming.

The first of the pair has been a rare occurrence in the Cupit house mostly due to Brad's milk allergy. Maren says she used to just always skip the ice cream isle at the grocery store. But now that the kids eat frozen waffles several mornings a week, she's in that isle frequently. And how can a mom resist a fantastic sale on Ben & Jerry's? Maren is currently hooked on Chocolate Macadamia. This discovery/potential addiction no doubt has contributed to a bit more weight gain than preferred, but if you can't indulge when you're pregnant, when can you?

The second new pleasure counterbalances the first. Since the kids have been taking swimming lessons this summer, Maren and Brad have both had the opportunity to swim laps while they're occupied. They've also extended this habit to family outings at the indoor pool, taking turns swimming laps and watching the kids. The indoor pool is the family favorite with fewer crowds, cleaner water, sunburn protection for the "fairest in the land," and a much cooler water temperature. Maren loves the self-esteem boost after swimming more laps than she thought she could. Swimming also has provided her with a few more side effects: less back pain, a happier mood, and just a little bit of a tan :).