Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Brant: Will not drink orange juice with squishy sticks in it.

Laurel: Upon receiving a compliment that she is a good runner, she responded, "I'm not; I get too sweaty."

Brad: Has now found a new love for life as his coworkers have started playing Ultimate Frisbee occasionally after work.

Maren: Seems to crave hot sauce or wings all the time.


museumeg said...

Short and sweet! I love it! I'm with Laurel and Brant, who wants to get sweaty and drink the chunky orange juice. My husband has become an Ultimate Frisbee fanatic lately too! How can you eat the spicy stuff when you're pregnant? I lived on Rolaids.

AmyB said...

Funny thing to crave Maren! Your kids are cute...we call them juice pockets around here. I guess that is all Eric will drink so they don't know any different.