Sunday, June 28, 2009


For our readers who listen to John Tesh's radio program:

"Did you know" that when some women are pregnant their feet grow? Some girls have large feet to begin with. Six years ago, the Cupit mother wore a size ten. Even at that time, she could relate quite easily to Cinderella's wicked step-sister as she desperately tries to squeeze into the glass slipper. Three pregnancies later, Anastasia's foot might even look dainty compared to Maren's "boats" - as her father liked to call them when she was younger.

Maren stepped out of the van this morning in the church parking lot and one of the straps on her sandles finally popped off the left boat. Maren should have realized that this was an omen of things to come. Sacrament meeting was not the worst meeting concering the kids' behavior, but also far from the best. The family made it through until the last speaker with the usual "be quiet" tactics...books, treats from a wonderful helper, drawing supplies, sweet whispers of encouragement, and finally the three-strikes-and-you're-out-rule. Brant probably had about 5 strikes when his mother finally had to follow through. She scooped him up, broken sandal and all, and carried him out of the chapel. She didn't expect the loud, impossible-to-ignore pleas coming from her son on the way out. "DON'T SPANK ME MOMMY! DON'T SPANK ME MOMMY!!" For the record, he didn't get a spanking because his mother finds it nearly impossible to spank a child at church. The funny thing was, Brant's father was the last speaker in church today. Hopefully, the congregation was still able to find truth and Spirit in his message despite his family's disturbance. Thankfully, Brad didn't have to speak on fatherhood or motherhood or families.

Lastly, upon arriving home, Brant had fallen asleep in the van. This could explain some earlier behavior. He only falls asleep in the car when he's extremely exhausted. But Laurel - sweet Laurel- was still barely awake. "Did you know" that little girls are grumps when they're tired? For Laurel, that is an understatement. After a piece of peanut butter bread and a few more lunch items of her choosing, she finally was asked to go get in bed. For one reason or another, her mother made her upset, perhaps because she was refused permission to sleep with a piggy bank. So she went to bed in a huff. As her mom closed the door, Maren heard a slew of vengeful comments including "you're not my friend," "you can't play with my toys," and there may have even been an "I hate you" in there. The family will have to talk about the "hate" word later on, but in the mean time, the mother is grateful that Laurel didn't threaten to banish her from her house when she gets married.

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Ettafication said...

I thought "my" Sunday was a tough one today!! You beat me "hands (and growing feet) down". Thanks for the post - made me feel not so alone in ups and downs of motherhood. PS-I think you are a great mom!