Sunday, June 28, 2009


For our readers who listen to John Tesh's radio program:

"Did you know" that when some women are pregnant their feet grow? Some girls have large feet to begin with. Six years ago, the Cupit mother wore a size ten. Even at that time, she could relate quite easily to Cinderella's wicked step-sister as she desperately tries to squeeze into the glass slipper. Three pregnancies later, Anastasia's foot might even look dainty compared to Maren's "boats" - as her father liked to call them when she was younger.

Maren stepped out of the van this morning in the church parking lot and one of the straps on her sandles finally popped off the left boat. Maren should have realized that this was an omen of things to come. Sacrament meeting was not the worst meeting concering the kids' behavior, but also far from the best. The family made it through until the last speaker with the usual "be quiet" tactics...books, treats from a wonderful helper, drawing supplies, sweet whispers of encouragement, and finally the three-strikes-and-you're-out-rule. Brant probably had about 5 strikes when his mother finally had to follow through. She scooped him up, broken sandal and all, and carried him out of the chapel. She didn't expect the loud, impossible-to-ignore pleas coming from her son on the way out. "DON'T SPANK ME MOMMY! DON'T SPANK ME MOMMY!!" For the record, he didn't get a spanking because his mother finds it nearly impossible to spank a child at church. The funny thing was, Brant's father was the last speaker in church today. Hopefully, the congregation was still able to find truth and Spirit in his message despite his family's disturbance. Thankfully, Brad didn't have to speak on fatherhood or motherhood or families.

Lastly, upon arriving home, Brant had fallen asleep in the van. This could explain some earlier behavior. He only falls asleep in the car when he's extremely exhausted. But Laurel - sweet Laurel- was still barely awake. "Did you know" that little girls are grumps when they're tired? For Laurel, that is an understatement. After a piece of peanut butter bread and a few more lunch items of her choosing, she finally was asked to go get in bed. For one reason or another, her mother made her upset, perhaps because she was refused permission to sleep with a piggy bank. So she went to bed in a huff. As her mom closed the door, Maren heard a slew of vengeful comments including "you're not my friend," "you can't play with my toys," and there may have even been an "I hate you" in there. The family will have to talk about the "hate" word later on, but in the mean time, the mother is grateful that Laurel didn't threaten to banish her from her house when she gets married.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Laurel's biggest accomplishment was overcoming most of her fear. She still needs some more time in lessons, but her mom is super proud!
Brant has learned enough to be dangerous. He loves to put his face under and thinks he can swim better than he can. He's made huge strides, but now his mother is worried sick that he's going to attempt something more than he can handle. For sure both kids will be doing more lessons later in the summer. This also gives mom and dad some time to swim laps while the kids are occupied and having fun. More pictures below of the last day of lessons.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Brad is looking for a medical professional skilled in extracting a foot from his mouth.

Tonight in a conversation with his wife about times when men cry, she commented, "You've never cried over me." To which he replied, "I cried the night before our wedding."

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Laurel joined her friends and family on a recent Saturday to celebrate her fifth birthday. This time, we were too busy having fun, preparing "fancy drinks", setting up the slip n' slide, picking up pizza from Domino's, and filling water balloons to remember to take many still shots. Laurel had a delicious Ariel birthday cake from Target and received lots of very girly presents. She was in heaven!

She told her mother the other day that she used to do something when she was a "little girl, but now she's five so she's not a little girl anymore." For sure, this fifth birthday has been the most significant to her so far. In her mind, she has graduated into big girlhood.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Swimming lessons at the YMCA have begun for the Cupit kids. Maren feared she made the wrong decision sending them to the "best budget" option instead of the pricier but city-renowned facility across town. So far, however, she is pleasantly pleased. The teachers are doing a fantastic job.

Each child has had a different reaction described below:

Laurel, for those yet to make her acquaintance is stubborn, persistent, and competitive (sounds like the makings of a great athlete, hmmm?) Fortunately for her, she has a mother nearly as stubborn and a father nearly as persistent. One day she may realize she can outlast them in these qualities, but hopefully that is a LONG way off. Before swimming lessons, Laurel has been terrified of putting her face in the water. She's not a little scared, but rather neck-clutching death-grip horrified. After two days of lessons, she's still scared, but observers can see her fight her fear and try couragously to do what the teacher asks. She looks forward to swimming lessons and raises her hand as fast as she can when the teacher asks, "Who wants to go next?" She's making progress and quite possibly she'll pick up the medal for most improved.

Some of our readers may remember a story last year about a bribe Laurel's mother offered her if she learned how to swim for real, by herself. She wants the baby doll that swims on its own. She didn't get it last year because she didn't reach the goal. But she still wants the doll and knows what she has to do to get it. After getting 2 thumbs up from her mom today for trying to swim to the wall, she climbed out of the pool, came running over and asked, "Can I get the doll now, Mom?" It seems her persistence is tied to her desire to get what she wants...bribery is the best disciplinarian for Laurel.

Brant, in contrast, has barely any competitive blood in his body. He just doesn't care about a race. He's learning different things at swimming lessons so far. He has learned how to turn over on his belly from sitting on the edge and slide in. Next he's supposed to pull himself up on his elbows to climb out. He has a little bit of trouble with this, but he's getting better. Today he reached a few inches to the side of the pool by himself, but for the most part he just likes to sit on the steps and play. He played a little too much today and whacked the kid next to him while twirling his goggles. The other kid was pretty upset, but Brant looked like a sad little puppy dog. He just sat on the steps and stared at the string on his bathing suit. After the lesson, Maren asked him what happened to the other little boy and Brant just whimpered over and again, "It was an accident, Mommy; it was an accident." If he didn't truly feel bad about doing something wrong, he sure fooled his mom. He agreed easily to leave his goggles in the swim bag tomorrow and use them only after the lesson is over.

As an extra tidbit, our readers may want to know Laurel's newest request. She saw a man driving his car the other day with the windows rolled down and the hip-hop music turned up. She now asks almost every day if she can ride with the windows down so everyone can hear the music playing in the van. So if you see a mom in a mini-van around town, with the windows down and "Part of That World" blaring through the wind, feel free to smile!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Brant: Will not drink orange juice with squishy sticks in it.

Laurel: Upon receiving a compliment that she is a good runner, she responded, "I'm not; I get too sweaty."

Brad: Has now found a new love for life as his coworkers have started playing Ultimate Frisbee occasionally after work.

Maren: Seems to crave hot sauce or wings all the time.

Friday, June 5, 2009


In a rare find Thursday, the nursing staff at the local surgery center uncovered a childhood treasure. The team of four let out some whoops and hollers during a routine cast removal for 3-year old Brant Cupit. A Chuck E. Cheese coin (year of origin to be determined) was found on the child's forearm. According to Mrs. Cupit, the family has already received calls from Sotheby's and Christine's for appraisal consulations. Yet Mrs. Cupit has stated that her love for her son is her first priority. "He didn't cry once during the procedure, and he can decide what he wants to do with the coin." The family has 2 upcoming trips planned for C.E.C. If the machines will take the coin, it's soon likely to be hidden in a pile of shiney new coins in the skee ball machine.