Thursday, May 21, 2009


Laurel and Brant enjoyed the line for Pirates of the Caribbean much more so than the ride itself. The parents made a big mistake. They knew they were in for trouble when the first few scenes of the ride were scenes with pirate bones. Brant spent most of the ride with his head on Daddy's lap.

Toontown was a much happier place. The kids got to meet characters and princesses. While the wait to see the princesses was a little long, it was well worth it. Each princess spent a few minutes with the children...talking to them in their princess voices of course and making them feel extra special. Aurora even told Laurel that she used to wear glasses, too.

The Goofy hat picture of Brant ranks as one of the best of the trip. The lipstick on his cheek is from a kiss from Belle.

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