Thursday, May 7, 2009


Brant loves skeletons. One of his favorite books is about a skeleton with the hiccups. Today he saw a real skeleton hanging in a radiology lab, and he saw pictures of his own skeleton. Brant finished the afternoon of doctor, hospital and lab visits with a purple cast and plenty of suckers.

Maren got the phone call from the preschool about 11:30 that Brant had jumped off the picnic table and then his buddy Christopher jumped on top of him. The school was concerned that Brant was favoring his wrist so obviously and didn't shake off the injury like usual. Later on Brant repeatedly told his mom that in fact, he didn't jump off the picnic table, but was indeed pushed by his little buddy. This still leaves the question, "Why were you standing on the picnic table in the first place, Brant?"

So Maren picked up Brant and headed to McDonald's for a pre-pediatrician treat. She didn't want to give him pain killers until he had seen a doctor and a milkshake seemed like a good compromise. Dr. M seemed pretty sure that the wrist was broken, but sent the pair over to the hospital for x-rays. The radiologist confirmed the back to Dr. M. Dr. M said that now they needed to go to Dr. L across town. While his mother was filling out paper work for Dr. L, Brant fell on his bad wrist again. Brant needed more x-rays (thankfully in the same building) to be sure the bones hadn't changed again. Finally Dr. L talked to Mother about the "buckle fracture", something that little children often get. It should heal in 3 weeks, and in the meantime Brant has a water-proof cast to show to everyone while he's on vacation! Pictures will be skipped in this post as the cast will be obvious in vacation pictures to come in a little over a week.


Jessica said...

Man, that least the cast is waterproof. Have fun while you are gone and I hope B. heals quickly.

Elizabeth said...

Awww, poor Brant!!! Does this mean he'll still be able to swim in Florida, or is that out?

Lexi said...

Maren, you guys sure have been having a time lately! What with the downed tree, Laurel's choking incident and Brant's break it seems like you have been dealing with one thing right after the other!

I think a vacation is just what the Dr. ordered and I hope you have a fantastic time without any mishaps.

Heal quickly Brant! :-)

Meredith said...

Brant has impeccable timing! Poor kid... I hope he still is able to have a great time on vacation!